Off to A Big Bang


“Tobacco Kills: Say No & Save Lives” was developed through feedback from over 50 individuals & organizations with the idea of highlighting the grave dangers of tobacco but at the same time, it’s a cause that we can all commit to together because it not only affects smokers but second-hand smokers too.

At the launch, we aim to send the same message across by having politicians who commit to the cause, young people who showcased their talent & commitment by sharing poems, skits, music and art on anti-tobacco, testimonials from ex-smokers & of course, our Bloggers & Tweeters sharing this event live with their followers!

The event ended with everyone signing the painting (which was painted live during the course of the launch) showing their support in passing the Tobacco Control Bill. The painting is currently being displayed at the lobby of the Parliament!

But this only marks the beginning of the campaign! Keep following us for more exciting ways on how you can be involved & check out these clips from the day: